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 Entrepreneurship Development

Our Entrepreneurship Program encourages participants to pursue the possibility of starting their own venture. At a time when the world is reeling under the effects of the global economic slowdown, entrepreneurship is the need of the hour - and the driving force of the economy. Many countries have been able to tone down the disastrous effects of the recession due to the presence of many small to medium-scale entrepreneurs. This factor is responsible for why entrepreneurship development is strongly encouraged and aided.

At Alchemyters, we believe that the pursuit of entrepreneurship by the youths will bring positive and dramatic changes not only to the economy at large but also to themselves as well. Through our Entrepreneurship programs, we aim to encourage the citizens of tomorrow to creatively thinking of ideas that could change the way the world lives tomorrow. We bring to light the various factors that affect the nature of entrepreneurship and provide an avenue to hone participants’ entrepreneurship skills and to set them thinking in the exciting and focused path of entrepreneurship.

 Business Turnaround

Most organizations face stiff challenges in today's marketplace. Changing demographics, new technologies, aggressive competition, and sophisticated consumers demand that organizations change the way they do business or face extinction. Too many organizations respond to these challenges by trying to do what they have done in the past. Those that thrive welcome change and renew themselves by aligning with current and future realities. As busy entrepreneurs and business leaders, we understand that you will often be so preoccupied with what is happening now that you will lose sight of your future. That is why, if you really want to give your business some focus for growth, a business review is an absolute necessity! Creating a strategy for growth through business turnaround, helps you re-focus your enterprise on delivering the outcomes that YOU want and provides an effective framework for positive change.

 Cost Management and Efficiency Improvement

Together with the client and Alchemyters expert a course of treatment will be agreed. Progress and result will be assessed and the plan will be altered as necessary. We focuses heavily on implementation. Writing of a report that simply makes recommendations to save money is of little or no value. We therefore ensure that all approved recommendations are fully implemented once approval is given. Finally, our guarantee of "No Savings...No charge", combined with our fee structure based on a percentage of savings achieved ensures that the cost of our service will always be significantly less than the savings found. Our clients are therefore not taking risk in engaging us to review their business costs. 





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