The Barrenness Of A Busy Life

The economic fallout from the Covid-19 lockdown is severe due to the globalized and highly integrated nature of modern economies. The highly mobile population also accentuated the spread of the pandemic. I found myself in a world where the only certainty is uncertainty.  The restrictions on my personal freedom are evident during the pandemic. My movement is curtailed. The police and armed forces were deployed to prevent assessment of public and private spaces. The pandemic seems to have allowed the government to advance arguments about prudence and liberty. 

The Covid- 19 lockdown provided the discomfort for me to reflect on the paradox of my busy life. I now realize the virtue of work and rest. The two variables should be utilized equitably. Inspirations for innovation often come when you are not busy at work. Innovative ideas may also not come when you are in a comfortable zone. Creative and critical thinking may remain elusive when you are too comfortable. This is in line with the popular saying of my grandmother; ‘‘an overfed child is often senseless’’. 

Opportunities In Incongruities

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 The Lessons Of Success Through Study Of Failures.

I sat down to reflect on a question that is blowing in the wind. What is that question? Will Nations, organizations and Individuals learn any valuable lesson from failures?  While Nations, Organizations, and Individuals worship at the altar of success, they shun failures and refuse to gain insight and understanding from sordid experience. Learning the lessons of success through study of failures, will help nations, organizations and people rise above the challenge of economic recovery and achieve the maximization of their productivity and prosperity.